Така казаха растенията

Всеобхватен интегриращ и многоаспектен холистичен подход
за разбиране на Растителното царство
от д-р Динеш Чохан

Достигането до индивидуализиращия холистичен център/ХОЛИСТИЧНИЯ КЛЮЧ на лекарството, ще се основава на търсенето на онези СРО симптоми, които сме извлекли от специфичните локални физически симптоми, от общите физически симптоми, от общите умствени симптоми, от реакцията, от интензивността и миазма на лекарството, и са получени от Материя Медика, реперториума, тематичните материи медики и доказванията. Включва също и информация, получена от природата, от природните източници, от използването в съвременната медицина, стари и нови изследвания върху дадената субстанция. Всичко това, оформя системата, която ни дава индивидуализираната изява на лекарството на холистично ниво, на триба (tribe), на семейството, на по-висшата таксономична единица в растителното царство. Така СРО симптоми на холистично ниво съответстват на СРО симптоми от холистичното ниво на пациента, т.е. симилимума.

Това означава, че нашият подход не се ограничава до един аспект, не се ограничава до един метод, до една школа или до един тип хомеопатична терапия, а той е


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Angiosperms Покритосеменни


Gymnosperms Голосеменни


Lycopods, Ferns, and Horsetails Плауни и папрати

Mosses Мъхове


Algae Водорасли


Хищни растения

Carnivorous plants

Свещени растения

Sacred plants

Растения паразити


Plants for cancers

Plants for cancers


Symbiotic plants

Отровни растения

Poisonous plants

Холистичен ключ Висш разред

Холистичен ключ на разред

Холистичен ключ на семейство

Холистичен ключ на вид

Схема с холистични ключове на растителни лекарства

Обобщено представяне на извлечените с научен и многоизмерен метод холистични ключове за клас, висш разред, семейство, подсемейство и триб на представители на РАСТИТЕЛНОТО ЦАРСТВО. В схемата ще откроите лесно холистичния ключ на индивидуалните лекарства, заедно с област на въздействие, трите им най-важни симптома и миазма им.

Schema of a Plant family
Schema of a Plant family
Case Witnessing Process

Case Witnessing Process

The three steps of the case witnessing process namely Passive, Active, and Active-active can be observed everywhere, the 3 steps from an effort to effortlessness, from non-coordination to coordination are a universal phenomenon.

The three steps are not only limited to the phenomenon of case witnessing but they have a universal appeal regarding any other phenomenon in nature, what I learned further in these 3 steps is elicited by the Guerdigeff as “the law of three”. It is the basis of all the structures and processes within the universe and man. Now applying this law to any phenomenon in nature we can see that discovery of every phenomenon in nature moves in these 3 steps.

Отзиви от онлайн курс ТАКА КАЗАХА РАСТЕНИЯТА, 2020

"Absolutely impressive! But what a task you have set yourself [and your team]" 

"Personally  I do not listen to most homeopathic teachers,  because I am less than keen on the paths homeopathy has taken in the last 30 years. Too much fantasy, floating imaginations, theorizing, always looking for something new instead of deepening the old solid knowledge. I see homeopathy crumbling because of this sycotic scramble. It makes me sad.

My motto is: head in the clouds, feet on the ground, and hopefully the two are connected. I do not see this most of the time. Mostly  I see head in the clouds. In fewer cases, I see feet in the ground but no fly.

So the fact that I listen to your course and want to listen to more of your course, is special to me. Because it holds the two extremes together. So I like and recommend it to students.

Plants are my great weakness, so this is even more valuable to me." 

"Your multidimensional and integrative approach to understanding homeopathy will have a great impact on young homeopaths because they have just begun their journey.
So if they change their mind, understand, and try to apply this multidimensional approach in case witnessing as well as case analysis then they can change their life and enjoy their journey.
I have not seen any homeopath applying the principle of similimum in a way that you do (BECOMING LIKE THEM and creating a similimum field). This is the most beautiful part which I have seen and learned from your cases.
Understanding Solanales - beginning with the word meaning TO mythology TO chemicals TO MM and finally coming to the Master key, a perfect example of demonstrating the multidimensional and integrative approach. Your lecture and any discussion with you always create an impact on me in a way I try to look it in a multidimensional way. Thank you Sir and looking forward for more!" 

"This the second in the series of Thus Spoke The Plants, has again taught me so much that I can pass on to healing so many souls. 

Your system runs like a well oiled Chevy motor. 
Your passion and enthusiasm are tangible. 
Your contribution to the healing world is greatly appreciated now and forevermore. 
A huge thank you for sharing your love for homeopathy and mankind with us."  

"I have looked at the website and am impressed. What I like is that you bring many reliable sources together. What is also beautiful is the way in which you share this with the homeopathic community. Not only by inviting people to join webinars or visit the websites but also by involving several colleagues in the gigantic work you started. The videos on Arnica and Bryonia are interesting to watch and follow clear logic, so it is easy to digest and integrate."

"Your sincere efforts to know and understand all plant families and compiling it was a fantastic endeavor. It is extremely insightful and gives a holistic view of remedies from symptom to system. You have approached studying the remedies from a different dimension altogether which was quite unique, truly and enriching experience to read it. It’s good to have the data on the website so we can refer to it whenever required. What you and your team have accomplished is a herculean task and I applaud you all for your invaluable contribution to the science and art of homeopathy." 

"So far I really enjoyed them! I found them full if valuable content.  But my knowledge of plants is not very strong so I have to concentrate so hard as every word you say has value and is new knowledge to me." 

Our team

Dr. Dinesh Chauhan
Dr. Riddhi Joshi Jain
Zdravka Hristova

Indian Higher Order Study Group

Dr. Atul Patwardhan, Pune
Dr. Tushar Patwa, Mumbai
Dr. Michael Xavier, Tamil Nadu
Dr. Chandrashekar, Belgaum
Dr. Riddhi Jain, Mumbai
Dr. Rina Dedhiya, Pune
Dr. Nayan Ganava, Gujurat

International Higher Order Study Group

Gordana Sarotar, Croatia
Dr. Jiuan Heng, USA
Ulrike Schroeder, Germany
Dr Corrina Bendig, Germany
Zdravka Hristova, Bulgaria
Dr. An Debyser, Belgium
Dr. Marcia Huerliman, Switzerland
Dr. Ulrike Schuller-Schreib, Austria
Silke Fischer, Germany
Dr. Joanne Greenland, Australia

Russian - Adele Usmanova (Russia) 
Croatian - Gordana Sarotar (Croatia)
Bulgarian - Plamena Karaivanova and Zdravka Hristova (Bulgaria)
German - Ulrike Schroeder and Dr. Corrina Bendig (Germany)
French - Dr. Edith Moussa (Lebanon)
Portuguese - Dr. Marcia Cristina (Brazil)

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