Отзиви от онлайн курс ТАКА КАЗАХА РАСТЕНИЯТА, 2020

"So far I really enjoyed them! I found them full if valuable content.  But my knowledge of plants is not very strong so I have to concentrate so hard as every word you say has value and is new knowledge to me." Andrea Szelesky


"Your sincere efforts to know and understand all plant families and compiling it was a fantastic endeavor. It is extremely insightful and gives a holistic view of remedies from symptom to system. You have approached studying the remedies from a different dimension altogether which was quite unique, truly and enriching experience to read it. It’s good to have the data on the website so we can refer to it whenever required. What you and your team have accomplished is a herculean task and I applaud you all for your invaluable contribution to the science and art of homeopathy." Anita Salunkhe

"I have looked at the website and am impressed.

What I like is that you bring many reliable sources together.

What is also beautiful is the way in which you share this with the homeopathic community.

Not only by inviting people to join webinars or visit the websites, but also by involving several colleagues in the gigantic work you started. 

The videos on Arnica and Bryonia are interesting to watch and follow clear logic, so it is easy to digest and integrate." Harry Van Der Zee


"Personally  I do not listen to most homeopathic teachers,  because I am less than keen on the paths homeopathy has taken in the last 30 years. Too much fantasy, floating imaginations, theorizing, always looking for something new instead of deepening the old solid knowledge. I see homeopathy crumbling because of this sycotic scramble. It makes me sad.

My moto is: head in the clouds, feet on the ground, and hopefully the two are connected. I do not see this most of the time. Mostly  I see head in the clouds. In less cases I see feet in the ground but no fly.

So the fact that I listen to your course and want to listen to more of your course, is special to me. Because it holds the two extremes together. So I like and recommend it to students.

Plants are my great weakness, so this is even more valuable to me." Jeremy Sherr


"This the second in the series of Thus Spoke The Plants, has again taught me so much that I can pass on to healing so many souls. 

Your system runs like a well oiled Chevy motor. 
Your passion and enthusiasm are tangible. 
Your contribution to the healing world is greatly appreciated now and forevermore. 
A huge thank you for sharing your love for homeopathy and mankind with us. 
Your and your family’s sacrifice does not go unnoticed. 
May God Bless and keep you and your family safe."  Johann Dippenner