Thus spoke the plants

An Integrative Holistic Multidimensional Approach

in Understanding the Plant Kingdom

by Dr. Dinesh Chauhan

To arrive at the individualistic holistic centre/ MASTER KEY of the remedy, the search will be based on those PQRS symptoms at the local physical particular, physical general, mental general, reaction, intensity and miasm of the remedy obtained through the materia medica, repertory, thematic materia medicas and provings. It also includes the information obtained from nature, natural sources, the mythology and historical background, so also chemical and toxicology references, the modern medicine uses, old and new research about that particular substance, all this will form the system, which will give us the individualistic expressions at the holistic level of the remedy, the tribe, family, the higher order of the plant kingdom.

This PQRS at the holistic level then matches the PQRS at holistic level of patient i.e. similimum

This means that our approach will not be limited to a single dimension, limiting to one method or one school or one type of homeopathic therapeutics, it will be an  "INTEGRATIVE HOLISTIC MULTIDIMENSIONAL APPROACH IN understanding the HOLISTIC MASTER KEY OF THE PLANT KINGDOM/HIGHER ORDER/CLASS/TRIBE/FAMILY/INDIVIDUAL PLANT REMEDY"

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Lycopods, Ferns, and Horsetails





Carnivorous plants

Carnivorous plants

Sacred plants

Sacred plants



Plants for cancers

Plants for cancers

Symbiotic plants

Symbiotic plants

Poisonous plants

Poisonous plants

Holistic key of a Higher order

Holistic key of an Order

Holistic key of a family/ tribe

Holistic key of a Remedy

Schema with the Master keys of plant remedies

A summarised representation of scientifically and multidimensionally derived Holistic Master key of Class, HIgher order, Family, Sub family and Tribes of the PLANT KINGDOM.

Schema also highlights the  Master key of Individual remedies along with Organ affinity, Trinity of symptoms and Miasm of that particular remedy.  

Schema of a Plant family
Schema of a Plant family
Case Witnessing Process

Case Witnessing Process

The three steps of the case witnessing process namely Passive, Active, and Active-active can be observed everywhere, the 3 steps from an effort to effortlessness, from non-coordination to coordination are a universal phenomenon.

The three steps are not only limited to the phenomenon of case witnessing but they have a universal appeal regarding any other phenomenon in nature, what I learned further in these 3 steps is elicited by the Guerdigeff as “the law of three”. It is the basis of all the structures and processes within the universe and man. Now applying this law to any phenomenon in nature we can see that discovery of every phenomenon in nature moves in these 3 steps.

Feedbacks from THUS SPOKE THE PLANTS, online course 2020

"Absolutely impressive! But what a task you have set yourself [and your team]" 

"Personally  I do not listen to most homeopathic teachers,  because I am less than keen on the paths homeopathy has taken in the last 30 years. Too much fantasy, floating imaginations, theorizing, always looking for something new instead of deepening the old solid knowledge. I see homeopathy crumbling because of this sycotic scramble. It makes me sad.

My motto is: head in the clouds, feet on the ground, and hopefully the two are connected. I do not see this most of the time. Mostly  I see head in the clouds. In fewer cases, I see feet in the ground but no fly.

So the fact that I listen to your course and want to listen to more of your course, is special to me. Because it holds the two extremes together. So I like and recommend it to students.

Plants are my great weakness, so this is even more valuable to me." 

“Your work on plantskeys is beyond masterful. I would say you are now a top dog in our field”

"This the second in the series of Thus Spoke The Plants, has again taught me so much that I can pass on to healing so many souls. 

Your system runs like a well oiled Chevy motor. 

Your passion and enthusiasm are tangible. 

Your contribution to the healing world is greatly appreciated now and forevermore. 

A huge thank you for sharing your love for homeopathy and mankind with us."  

"I have looked at the website and am impressed. What I like is that you bring many reliable sources together. What is also beautiful is the way in which you share this with the homeopathic community. Not only by inviting people to join webinars or visit the websites but also by involving several colleagues in the gigantic work you started. The videos on Arnica and Bryonia are interesting to watch and follow clear logic, so it is easy to digest and integrate."

"I think with your fundamental and inclusive work on the plants you are giving the start not just for a new dimension of homeopathy but also for a possible way of science.”

Our team

Dr. Dinesh Chauhan
Dr. Riddhi Joshi Jain
Zdravka Hristova



Indian Higher Order Study Group

Dr. Atul Patwardhan, Pune
Dr. Tushar Patwa, Mumbai
Dr. Michael Xavier, Tamil Nadu
Dr. Chandrashekar, Belgaum
Dr. Riddhi Jain, Mumbai
Dr. Rina Dedhiya, Pune
Dr. Nayan Ganava, Gujurat

International Higher Order Study Group

Gordana Sarotar, Croatia
Dr. Jiuan Heng, USA
Ulrike Schroeder, Germany
Dr Corrina Bendig, Germany
Zdravka Hristova, Bulgaria
Dr. An Debyser, Belgium
Dr. Marcia Huerliman, Switzerland
Dr. Ulrike Schuller-Schreib, Austria
Silke Fischer, Germany
Dr. Joanne Greenland, Australia

Russian - Adele Usmanova (Russia) 
Croatian - Gordana Sarotar (Croatia)
Bulgarian - Plamena Karaivanova and Zdravka Hristova (Bulgaria)
German - Ulrike Schroeder and Dr. Corrina Bendig (Germany)
French - Dr. Edith Moussa (Lebanon)
Portuguese - Dr. Marcia Cristina (Brazil)

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